Artist Spotlight: Kevin Greene and the Awesome Sauce

Art rock, folk rock, Canadiana pop or Hoser rock, Kevin Greene and the Awesome Sauce don’t have a preference as to how you describe their particular style of music. They just want you to enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoy playing it for you. Formed in November of 2012, the band went through a couple of member changes in its early inception, but largely remains the same as when it was formed a year and a half ago. While their sound could be compared to bands like Wilco and the Rheostatics, it is an intrinsic fusion of styles that they own every time they step on stage to perform.

The band found their beginnings as lead singer and guitarist, Kevin Greene, was preparing to perform a solo show in Buffalo, New York. Kevin had taken a hiatus from playing while his kids were very young but realized that they were getting to an age where he could show them that chasing a dream is hard work, but well worth it. He resumed writing and concluded that he wanted more than just him and his guitar to portray the songs he penned.

It was then that he enlisted his old friend and fellow guitarist, Paul Aitken, who had just returned to London after being away for several years. Paul accompanied Kevin at the St. Regis Tavern for a warm up gig before the show in Buffalo. On the heels of this success, they contacted drummer friend, Jeffrey Floyd, to sit in with them and the success continued. They were playing, people were turning out to the shows, and they were immensely enjoying rehearsing and performing.

The first change in members took place when scheduling conflicts happened (as they can easily do in the music business) and the band was forced to part ways with friend and drummer Jeffrey Floyd. They asked Scotty King to substitute on the drums for Mr. Floyd, and from this point on he became their regular drummer. Around the same time they added musician, Mark Schram; guitarist for another sensational local band, Kevin’s Bacon Train. Mark had seen Kevin Greene and the Awesome Sauce play previously and told them he really enjoyed their sound. He suggested that they could use a bassist – and that he just happened to play – and after an informal audition, everything just clicked. With the new additions to the band gig bookings really picked up and they became incredibly busy rehearsing and playing monthly, sometimes weekly. Kevin had a bucket list of shows he wanted to play, and happily the list was being checked off.

The band is currently in the studio recording what they hope to be the first of many albums. When you go to a show, you will hear them play mostly original material though they throw in the odd “unrecognizable” (to many) cover tune now and then. And while the members all have day jobs, of course they wouldn’t mind for music to be their primary income earner. For now though, Kevin says they are content to enjoy whatever success big or small that comes their way.

Kevin Greene – vocals, guitar, Paul Aitken – guitar, Scottie King – drums, vocals, Mark Schram – bass, vocals.

Self described “Hoser Rock” fronted by lead singer, guitarist and Old East Village resident, Kevin Greene.

Here there and everywhere.

Stay tuned to their Facebook page for upcoming gigs.


The St Regis - Kevin Greene 007 The St Regis - Kevin Greene 012  St Reeg 014 St Reeg 031

St Reeg 024

St Reeg 097 St Reeg 233 St Reeg 227

St Reeg 117

St Reeg 241  


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