What Is The Purpose of the OEV Hub?

The primary purpose of the OEV Hub is to raise awareness about – and bring visitors to – the vibrant and rapidly growing cultural district located in the heart of the Old East Village (OEV) in London, Ontario. The OEV is home to a large number of artists, performers, multicultural dining, the Western Fair Farmer’s and Artisans Market, unique shopping experiences, services and several arts and culture venues. It is quickly becoming London’s art and cultural centre, and a place people want to visit and return to. The Hub is the place to find out what is happening throughout the Village, making it easier for visitors to plan a visit to our cultural district.

The OEV Hub is about destination building while building community at the same time. It is about collective ownership of the cultural assets that are present in the Old East Village, and using those assets to mutual benefit by aggressively enhancing and promoting them. It is about collaboration, commitment, community and creative co-existence. We seek to gain memberships from local businesses, restaurants, venues and retailers, find potential partnerships within the city and find backing to sustain the infrastructure and ability of the Hub to exist and promote businesses and activities. We are planting the seeds from which we hope flowers will bloom, both figuratively and literally. With the addition of gardening and beautification projects in the corridor, we are continuing to enhance the atmosphere and general feeling of comfort in the OEV.

The quality of experience depends on the deep cultural roots that exist in this community, examining those roots, building upon them and nurturing their growth. This neighbourhood is authentic, unique and growing expeditiously and organically. Cultural capital is not something that we are, but rather something we own. The Old East Village is an area that is destined and determined to grow, despite the odds, and is willing to open itself up to a wider audience while doing so.

The Dundas corridor is home to many unique shops, boasts three arts venues: The Aeolian Hall, The Palace Theatre and the East Village Arts Co-Op, is home to the London Potter’s Guild as well as a multitude of multicultural dining experiences. Visitors will find that a majority of the entertainment in the Village is not imported and in many cases is homegrown. The Village and its artists take risks and find ways to adapt in a difficult climate.

With cultural ownership in the Village comes a sense of belonging. When we take inventory of what the OEV has to offer along the lines of cultural assets, it is evident we are culture rich. Just take a look at the venues, restaurants, shops and services and you will see incredible diversity spanning a relatively small area. It is the wish of the OEV Hub to package and promote these diverse, unique assets widely and effectively, and introduce the Old East Village to the world from a fresh perspective. Once the visitors come, we wish to entice them to stay past normal business hours. In the evening, the arts district comes alive with concerts, plays and local entertainers.

The Old East Village is the place you want to be. The Hub is the place to learn just how much. From comic books to antiques; Mexican food to Vietnamese; music to live theatre; shopping and services – the Old East Village has an experience for everyone. We look forward to having you join us, and return again and again. Use The Hub to plan your day, and plan to stay.


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